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Computerized Gait Analysis - Full range of customized orthotics designed to help stabilize posture and correct biomechanical dysfunction within the feet.  Structural problems in your feet can alter your walking pattern and cause pain throughout your body.  TOG GaitScan is a computerized pressure plate that is attached to a computer.  This technology assists in analyzing your gait (walking pattern) and detecting unusual foot function which may be affecting the rest of your body.  Prescription orthotics can help relieve your discomfort, by realigning and stabilizing the bones of your feet, in turn restoring your natural walking pattern.

Cervical Adjustment

Medical Acupuncture-  a therapeutic modality involving the insertion of fine needles.  It is an adaptation of Chinese Acupuncture using current knowledge of anatomy,  physiology, and the principles of evidence based medicine.  It is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal pain including myofascial trigger point pain, but is also effective for postoperative pain and nausea.

What we offer you........

Flexion Distraction Bench
The Orthotic Group
Gait Scan
Ultrasound Therapy
Disc Herniation
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Soft Tissue/Deep Tissue Therapy - Treatment used to address ligament tendon, and connective tissue components of pain.

Trigger Points
Activator Methods Treatment

Physiotherapy - Restoration of movement and function through ultrasound, electrotherapy, and cryotherapy.  Our  therapy is designed to get you feeling like your old self again.  We take the time to develop the muscle tissue that will align your body and decrease daily fatigue so that you heal faster.

Deep Tissue Massage
Medical Acupuncture
Soft Tissue Massage

Manipulative Therapy - Diagnosis and hands-on treatment for mobilizing joints in order to restore normal function.  Chiropractic adjustments are specific, targeted, focused, and more precise than "manipulations"  or  "mobilizations."   It is this precision, combined with the purpose of reducing nervous system irritation, that has helped so many people.

Exercise and Posture - Programs tailored to optimizing function, spinal stability, and performance.  The importance of posture is highly critical in so many different areas.  Your posture sends a message to people, and displays your sense of confidence and self awareness.  Using simple techniques to fix your posture can give you starting improvements on both your appearance and how your back feels.  You will feel stronger, healthier, and more vibrant with proper posture.

Disc Decompression - A painless technique that creates negative pressure inside the involved disc allowing it to absorb fluid and nutrients in order to facilitate healing and decrease inflammation.  A Flexion/Distraction Bench is used to accomplish the decompression.